6kW SMA Sunny Boy Inverter SB 6.0-1SP-US-40

6kW SMA Sunny Boy Inverter SB 6.0-1SP-US-40

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The SMA Sunny Boy SB6.0 is a 6,000 watt AC grid-tied PV solar inverter that features 3 independent MPPT channels, a 2,000 watt off-grid secure power supply, lifetime monitoring, and an integrated DC disconnect safety switch. The SMA SB6.0 is a transformerless, UL certified solar power inverter with a 10 year warranty, or up to 20 year optional extended warranty. MPPT or Maximum Power Tracking uses SMA OptiTrac Global Peak to mitigate the effect of shade and allow for installation at challenging sites. The unique Secure Power Supply feature provides daytime power even in the event of a grid outage. High performance, flexible design and innovative features make the Sunny Boy the first choice among professionals.

PARTS LIST - Product Features
  • 2,000 watt Emergency Power Supply provides daytime power in case of day-time grid outage
  • Shade management with OptiTrac Global Peak MPP tracking
  • Three MPP trackers provide numerous design options
  • 97.5% maximum efficiency, 97% CEC weighted efficiency
  • Lifetime system monitoring with Integrated web connections and on-site LED Display
  • 10 year warranty standard with up to 20 year optional extended warranty
  • UL 1741 and 1699B compliant
  • Integrated AFCI arc-fault circuit protection for added fire safety
  • Qualifies for Federal Energy Tax Credit and State and Utility Solar Rebates!


  • Inverter Model: SMA America SB6.0-1SP-US-40
  • Maximum Watts Usable DC Power: 6,300 watts DC @ 240V; 5,500 watts DC @ 208V
  • Maximum DC Voltage: 600V
  • Rated MPP Voltage range: 220 - 480 V
  • MPPT operating voltage range: 100 - 550 V
  • Minimum DC voltage / start voltage: 100 V / 125 V
  • Maximum operating input current per MPPT: 10 A
  • Number of MPPT tracker / string per MPPT tracker: 3 / 1
  • DC Disconnect Switch Rating: 25A per channel, 75A total, 600Vdc
  • Nominal AC Output Power: 6,000 watts or 6000 VA
  • Nominal Adjustable AC Voltage: 208Vac - 240Vac
  • AC Voltage Range: 183V - 229V or 211V - 264V
  • AC Grid Frequency: 60 Hz / 50 Hz
  • Maximum AC Output Current: 25A
  • Maximum AC OCPD Rating: 30A
  • Power factor: 1
  • Output phases / line connections: 1 / 2
  • Harmonics: < 4%
  • Maximum efficiency: 97.6%
  • CEC efficiency: 97.0%
  • DC connection terminals: 3x DC+ and 3x DC- screw terminals for copper (solid / stranded / fine stranded) or aluminum (solid / stranded)
  • AC connection terminals: Screw terminals #6 - #12 AWG
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21.1 W x 28.5 H x 7.8 D inches
  • Shipping Dimensions: 23.6 W x 31.5 H x 11.8 D inches
  • Enclosure: Nema 3R
  • Inverter topology: Transformerless
  • Cooling Method: Convection
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25F to +140F
  • Warranty: 10 years, up to 20 years extended warranty
  • Certifications: UL 1741, UL 1998, UL 1699B, IEEE1547, FCC Part 15 (Class A & B), CAN/CSA V22.2 107.1-1
  • Country of Origin: Germany / Austria

The SMA Sunny Boy-US Inverter

How to Install the SMA SB-6.0 Inverter

SMA Sunny Boy Secure Power Supply

The Secure Power Supply on the Sunny Boy inverter is a battery-less generator that can provide 2,000 watts of power during daytime grid outages. Installing the Sunny Boy secure power supply feature can be done in a few minutes.

How to Commission the SMA Sunny Boy Inverter